Initial Consultation

Book a Consultation

This is a very important phase of your case. At this conference, you will give your prospective attorney some general facts and an overview of your case.

To book your consultation, it is best to call (336) 272-9122 and advise our front office team that you are calling for an initial consultation. Our team will connect you to someone trained on the intake process and complete a conflict check for your case. We ask that you sign nothing with the opposing party pending your initial consultation and that you not change your living conditions (ie: move out of your residence) UNLESS THERE IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. IF THERE IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OF ANY TYPE ASK FOR A SPECIAL APPOINTMENT IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ARE THE VICTIM OR THE ALLEGED PERPETRATOR OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (domestic violence is frequently and wrongfully used as leverage in a case).

Ask for a special computer code to access forms you can review and fill out before the initial consultation if you would like. Filling out forms is helpful, if you have time.